About Us

Gentle Natural Therapies to ease discomfort and relieve pain.  From the heart of lush green pastures in Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands, we present the jewel of the Tablelands, beautiful Yungaburra. A quaint village which is far from the turmoil of a busy lifestyle, in which you will find a serene oasis of natural therapies to heal your body and nurture your soul.

Come for a day, stay for a week…

The Clinic

At Stewart Natural Health, we believe that pain can have a natural solution. So we uniquely combine physical techniques with natural methods to create an all encompassing healing solution for your body.

We know that whatever you think and whatever you feel, comes out in your body, so we look at what is happening in your life that might have caused pain and how you can change it for good.



We utilize a synchronistic combination of therapies such as Reconnective Healing, Myoskeletal Therapies, Postural Alignment Protocol and Emotional Coaching. All of this combined is what we have come to recognize as 6D Therapies.


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