Bernadette, Herberton, Qld

Doctors Told Me To Trade In My Walking Stick For A Wheelchair

By the time I got to Stewart Natural Health, I could only speak in a whisper as I didn’t have enough energy or lung capacity to get the words out. This happened all the time and I had suffered for many years. After many tests the doctors informed me there was nothing that could be done and I should trade my walking stick in for a wheelchair. So I was depressed and in a bad way. You don’t expect to hear that diagnosis at any age and I was only 63.

My neighbor told me about Stewart Natural Health and so my husband made an appointment and drove me down as I had been too weak to drive for some time now. I was only halfway through my first ever treatment with Stewart Natural Health and I could breathe deeply for the first time.

After the third treatment, I felt as though I have my life back again. The depression is gone and I have hope for the future. I actually cried the first time I walked around the block. It felt amazing. I have now thrown away my walking stick. What can I say but THANK YOU!

Bernadette, Herberton, Qld

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