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Stewart Natural Health uses the 6D Therapy method created with a combination of physical, emotional and touch modalities. At Stewart Natural Health we understand that healing is not just about dissolving pain but creating a vibrant, healthy new person.

6D Therapies

6D Therapy Alignment is designed to connect with the whole of body, mind and soul. When we come from the premise that all pain is created as a response to continued resistant thought, we are able to effectively attend to the cause of pain and illness. These osteo-inspired movement exercises help alleviate pain and the emotional therapy will help keep the pain away by redirecting the mind.

Our mind and body is connected so “what we think and feel comes out in our body”. Pain can be relieved temporarily, through exercise or drugs, but until you the source is shifted, the pain will likely return.

Stewart Natural Health is on the leading edge as creator of 6D Therapies, which is rapidly becoming recognised as normal and effective.

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