Past-Life Therapy is a technique that uses deep meditation to recover  memories of past lives or incarnations.  Past-life Therapy is typically undertaken either in pursuit of knowledge, or as a therapy.

It is true that you have all the knowledge you need in this life now, to create a happy and prosperous life. However, when things happen that seem out of your control, for instance, an innate fear that something may happen to your children, then an alternative explanation is sought.

Past-Life Answers

Answers can come through the subconscious via pictures, sounds or emotions and though they may not be able to be validated, the emotions are real. In this way, the memory can shed light on life’s most hidden secrets that are causing havoc in your life today.

It is never a solution that is sought but an understanding. With this understanding comes an acknowledgement and it is in this acknowledgement that the true healing occurs.

Your Soul’s Journey

Why do we forget all our past experiences when we have had so many? It is rather like all the meals you have eaten in this lifetime. You don’t remember many and most weren’t significant. This is similar to your memory as you get older. It is only the things relevant to what you are doing that you need remember.

If you remembered every experience from every lifetime, you would be afraid to move forward. You would remember the horrific times that would now hold you back from making even the most simplest decisions in this life. Imagine if you were murdered under horrific circumstances, you would remember all the emotion of that experience and it would influence your decisions now. But you have chosen to bring with you what you need. You have brought with you your personality, the emotional consequences of your past and the wisdom of your past knowledge. You have also chosen a new set of circumstances for this life. One’s that will give you the best opportunity for growth in the direction you have chosen.

Your purpose here and now is to choose from the variety before you and experience life from those choices. Each choice creates our reality and realities make up our life. This adds to the wisdom of our soul. It expands who we are to who we have become. In this way, our soul expands and with it, all of creation.

Traumatic Past-Life Experiences

You will never remember traumatic experiences in Past-Life Therapy as they have been hidden from you because of the trauma. For this reason, a one on one session with a trained Therapist is very safe. If there is something that would be of value for you to uncover, it will be masked in a different situation. One that is more palatable for you to remember.

Whether you choose to undergo Past-Life Therapy because of something that is occurring in your life or you are just interested in the continuum of the soul’s journey, the experience helps you to understand you are much much more than the human on this earth. You will never again feel alone. Past-Life Therapy helps you find the connection to your higher self. And that is truly worth the experience.

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