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Therapeutic Alignment

Therapeutic Alignment is a series of unique movements that bring balance back to the body. When your body is out of balance and experiences pain, the effects can be felt throughout the body.

For example:

Reconnective Healing

There are a wide range of holistic treatment options available for bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance. Some of these therapies are movement based and other are touch-based, and still others are energy based. Whatever the modality

Emotional Coaching

Life can be difficult sometimes. Not because of what you have done but because of how it has unfolded. We all get that ‘out of control’ feeling at times but it’s not an ideal way to live life. Coaching is a valuable way to find out what has gone awry in your life and how you can change the direction.

Past-Life Therapy

Past-Life Therapy is a technique that uses deep meditation to recover  memories of past lives or incarnations.  Past-life Therapy is typically undertaken either in pursuit of knowledge, or as a therapy.

6 Dimensions of Healing

Life is made up of a series of constantly changing realities that are affected by your mood. Most people’s moods are felt in response to what they are observing.

Kids Alignment

Kids are naturally active and their bodies adapt to most movement and exercise. But sometimes the exercise is a little more exuberant.